Drop Off/Pick Up Change Notice

Drop Off/Pick Up Change Notice
Posted on 03/17/2019
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Dear Ingram Parents,

This message is to inform you about our new addition to our campus and the changes to drop off/pick up.  Morning drop off on the north side of the building is open as usual but, you will only be able to come down 9th street from the city library to enter the new drive.  The drive is much smaller now due to construction and it is a very sharp left-hand turn.  We encourage those of you who park and bring your student in to start please coming through the drop off line, if at all possible.  Our parking is limited now due to the construction and we need all of the spaces available for our staff members.  Buses will still come through the front circle drive and limited parking will only be available on the left side of the median.  
We appreciate your patience with these changes and are excited to share our new addition with you and your student.  Thanks for your your support and understanding. 


Mrs. Griffith, Principal
Hazel Ingram Elementary School